Accessibility Features of the Blue Spruce Lodge

Designed after 10 years of feedback from guests with a diverse range of mobility needs, the Blue Spruce Lodge is our most accessible vacation home.



1 Sturdy Handrails

Sturdy shower & commode handrails are installed in the 5 accessible bathrooms, adding safety & independence.


2 Chairlift

A chairlift connects the Blue Spruce Lodge's main floor and lower level to assist Guests with difficulty climbing stairs.

Maneuverable Layouts

3 Manuverable Layouts

The 5 accessible bathrooms have roll-in showers with portable shower benches and maneuvering room for wheelchairs.

Barrier-Free Entry

4 Barrier-Free Entry

Accessibility starts at the curb. The Blue Spruce Lodge has a roadside ramp leading to barrier-free doors at the front and lakeside entrances, plus barrier-free entry to the lower level from the driveway.

Wheelchair-Friendly Sinks

5 Roll-in Bathroom Sinks

Conventional vanities can get in the way of wheelchair users. The Blue Spruce Lodge's 5 accessible bathrooms have knee-room sinks.

Transport Wheelchair

6 Transport Wheelchair

A transport wheelchair is at the ready for Guest use.

Barrier-Free Entry

7 Reachable Closet Space

The vacation-sized closets have conveniently located drawers that offer easy access for wheelchair users.

Detachable Shower Wands

4 Detachable Showerheads

Detachable shower wands allow a seated person to take a shower.

Barrier-Free Boat Access

4 Barrier-Free Boat Access

The Blue Spruce Lodge has barrier-free access to its boat dock and sandy, gentle slope beach so everyone can enjoy beautiful Stone Lake.